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So you have decided that it might be a good idea to invest in Physical Gold or other Precious Metals but you don’t know how or where to start the process. The question now is “Where and How Can I Invest in Physical Gold and Other Precious Metals?”

There are quite a number of companies that sell physical gold and precious metals and it might be tough knowing which one to go with. It is important that the process should be easy, straightforward and transparent. It is also important that they have a hassle free buy back process as we may sometimes need access to physical cash.

About Regal Assets

One of the companies that I have found to be ideal for both new investors who want to test the waters and experienced investors who want peace of mind is Regal Assets. The company corporate office is located in 200 West Highway 6, 4th Floor, Waco, TX 76712. They also have offices in the United Kingdom, Canada and The United Arab Emirates.

Regal Assets is an Official member of the Forbes Finance Council. They have an AAA Rating with the Business Consumer Alliance and an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. The company has a 5 out of 5 star client rating and preferred membership status with TrustLink.

Regal Assets is an Official retailer listed with the United States Mint and is rated #20 in the United States for financial services by Inc. Magazine

Regal Assets Banner

The process

After you fill out the form requesting for a free investor’s kit, you will be contacted by a live agent on the telephone number or contact information you have provided. You will be provided with all the necessary education to make sure that you are 100% comfortable moving forward with your investment. You will also be provided with a transparent fee schedule. You will know everything it will cost you before you sign anything.


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There is a 7-day guarantee on shipping for direct purchases to give the client peace of mind of their transaction and Regal Assets can buy back metals or cryptos any business day of the week and have funds in the clients’ possession with 24 hours of sale.


Regal Assets offers multiple storage options, not just locally in the US, but also offshore in Singapore, the world’s most stable and secure financial jurisdiction.


Product offerings

Regal Assets offers products for both small and large investors. Below are the currently offered packages.


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This package is for an individual who is looking to protect their family in an emergency. This protective reserve will have the same allotment of gold and silver but at a value of $10,000. This reserve will protect the average family of four for up to 3 months.




This portfolio is designed with metals and cryptos that have an opportunity for immediate profit potential. This portfolio is also the beginning of your journey into the world of both metals and cryptos. A varied collection of all types of metals and cryptos will ensure your portfolio is primed for a robust return. Regal Asset’s specialists will discuss with you the exact make up of this portfolio.




This portfolio is designed to diversify a percentage of your portfolio holdings into metals and cryptos. Our specialists will custom design a package that will protect you from inflation and position you for shorter term gains. Adding this asset class to your portfolio will also offer stability and growth where your other investments currently do not.

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This portfolio is designed to support an individual’s retirement plan. This package custom designed by our specialists will offer the best return, stability against inflation, and protection against economic uncertainty. This package will also be diversified into metals and cryptos with minimal risk and on the desired timeline to access your funds.




This portfolio is designed for institutional investors or high net worth individuals looking to take advanced positions with metals and cryptos guaranteeing long-term wealth building. This package will be specifically tailored to meet the financial needs of each investor to help you achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.


Thank you

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it helps in your quest to learn Where and How To Invest in Physical Gold and Other Precious Metals. You can request for your free investment kit right here 

Happy Investing


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Regal Assets Banner

  1. Wow, looks like this is not for someone who does not have quite a bit of cash to invest.  I have thought about investing in Gold, but I would have to do it at a much smaller scale.  Are there any other choices such as Regal Assets that allow for a much smaller investment?  Also, would my investment be protected from loss or theft?

  2. It is so hard to know where the best place to invest is, and the same is true when it comes to gold and precious metals. I’ve had a look around here and there but never been sure where to place my trust so thank you for these great tips. 

    The smallest investment is $5000 which is a bit too much for my current finances, can you recommend somewhere trustworthy that offers smaller packages? 

    • Hi Lynne,

      I have only done a thorough research on Regal Assets but I know there a companies who don’t have a minimum amount. However, I have not researched them.

  3. It’s great that someone has actually taken the time to explain this sort of thing in Layman’s terms, as I have been interested for quite some time, but I wasn’t 100% sure about the process one had to go through. 

    I’m interested in starting out with the bog standard Merchant Package. Now, you say it’s easy to get your money back from this package in an emergency, I’m just wondering if there is some form of charge/commission for doing this?

  4. Thank you for this valuable information. It is always great to know of companies who are willing to give you cash for your assets like gold and other precious metals.

    There is nothing worse than being in need of the cash, and not being able to sell your precious metals if you need to.

    It is also great to know that they store the metals for you. Imagine having it at home and it gets stolen. This is the only way that I would be willing to invest in gold, and that is providing I don’t have to keep it on me in person.

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