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Thank you very much for visiting our website. Since many people have financial advisers that handle their investment funds, I would like to welcome you with an article on “Why and How To Win Over Your Financial Adviser on Gold in Your Portfolio

Many people are initially quite enthusiastic about obtaining exposure to physically held gold and other precious metals. What invariably happens is they get into a conversation with their financial adviser and begin to have cold water dumped on their heads in the form of numerous objections. The reaction from many a financial adviser to a client’s burning desire to include gold in a portfolio all too often comes down to one of several unfair responses, like:
• Gold is a dinosaur, a relic of the past, a pet rock…

• Why would you even consider owning an asset that does not pay any sort of yield?

• Gold rings are a great investment in your future, gold coins and bars are a complete waste of your time…

• Even dentists no longer use gold to fill teeth, why would you want to bother with it!

• It’s fine if you want to speculate with your money, but don’t you dare call buying (especially physical) gold investing!

Today we will go through some effective responses to the objections to your plan to acquire some physical gold with a portion of your retirement or investment portfolio funds. It is important to convince your financial adviser in this cause. If you do not, you can be sure that he or she will be constantly watching your gold holdings expenses versus returns and trying to convince you to cash out whenever you are underwater and your stock/bond portfolio mix is having a day in the sun.

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Why You Would Want to Enlist the Support of Your Financial Adviser in your Quest for Gold Holdings in Your Portfolio

You and your financial adviser are a team, and if you are fortunate, a seamless one that works well together at that. Many of these professionals can be convinced in theory that gold and the other precious metals provide a hedge against chaotic economic times, inflation, currency devaluation, or volatile stock and bond market performances, even if they believe the yellow metal to be imperfect in practice. The truth is that they will never approve of the fact that your hoped-for physical gold inventory will never earn interest or receive dividends of any kind as would traditional asset classes.

This is why your goal is to convince them to go along with a relatively small allocation to gold, somewhere from five to 25 percent maximum. Once you get them on board with this idea, you will find your client review conversations proceed a whole lot smoother both in times when gold is basking in the glory of its outperforming traditional assets in the middle of a financial crisis or other geopolitical mess as well as when gold is down for the proverbial count temporarily. It will always be difficult to win them over on the idea of physically holding gold though, just because a smart financial adviser will not want you to have to earn still greater price appreciation in your investment just to cover storage and safekeeping fees for the gold.

Here are several good responses you can work on for the big confrontation with your financial adviser on putting a portion of your assets into physical holdings of the yellow metal.

I’m aware that it doesn’t pay dividends, but that’s not why I’m investing in it

First of all, you must be prepared for the credible and intelligent argument they will throw at you regarding the lack of dividends or interest on your physical gold holdings. You can not win this debate on its own merit. Acknowledge that you are not investing in gold to earn a steady return, rather you are interested in owning a worthy hedge against chaotic economic events or runaway rampant inflation. Gold and commodities in general are still considered to be alternative investments. These make a strong pillar in your portfolio, so long as they are not the only such pillar holding up your investments. This is why you diversify into gold holdings, not sell your entire paper portfolio to cash into a tangible yellow metal hoard.

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I just need a security in case of a systemic collapse

Do not let your financial adviser tell you that gold is a pet rock only suitable as a hedge for investors who live in a small third world nation. It is true that this is a good category of investor for gold and the precious metals, but anyone who is a considering, reading, thinking person should be concerned about the possibility of a systemic crisis or even collapse even in the developed world. Remember that no empire in world history has lasted forever. In fact, most nations and empires have averaged around 250 years from rise to fall. The U.S. is as close to 250 years now as matters, and the major Western European powers are well past their average life expectancy by centuries already. No financial adviser in his or her right mind will argue with the fact that gold can and does perform well as a store of real value in times of economic and/or political distress.

Hasn’t gold held its value better and/or appreciated more than most any other asset class over the longer term?

This is a constantly debated topic, with neither side ever able to convincingly claim victory and strike down their opponents on the subject of whether gold has outperformed both inflation and the major asset classes of stocks and bonds. This chart below makes a convincing case for owning gold at least since the U.S. (and rest of the world more or less) abandoned the gold standard for the final time in 1972 under then-President Richard Nixon. Look what happened to gold prices in inflation adjusted terms from the early 1970s through the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and everything after:


A simpler way of understanding this argument lies in the value of gold example from one hundred years ago versus today. If in 1917 you owned a one ounce gold coin, its value was then fixed at $20 US dollars. This would buy you a high quality personally tailored suit in New York City or London at the time. Fast forward to 2017, when that same gold coin is worth over $1,100. That price will still fetch you a handsome designer or tailored suit and then leave you something left over for a nice dinner out as well. Has gold held its own value over the past century? The convincing answer is that these numbers do not lie. Has the U.S. dollar held its value relatively well in that time frame? Gold was fixed at $20 per ounce a hundred years ago. Today it rangers in the $1,100 to $1,350 per ounce range. RIP dollar.

More recently, gold has outperformed stocks and bonds in a typical 60 percent/40 percent mix of the traditional asset classes in four out of five years of the Great Recession and financial crisis from 2008 to 2012, as you see in this chart. This is the case whether you compare straight gold holdings to the traditionally mixed 60/40 portfolio or compare a portfolio with a 25% gold component:


As to whether or not it has outperformed stocks and bonds over the longer term, the answer is murkier. It depends on to which stocks and bonds you are referring. There are a number of individual securities whose underlying companies did fantastically well over the decades, such as Gillette, IBM, and General Electric. There are far more corporations and firms that failed, went bankrupt, or never really amounted to much, along with the prices of their stock shares. As far as the S&P 500 itself goes, it is easy to understand the returns on the index comparative to gold over the past century:


What this tells you is that depending on your timing of entry into and exit from U.S. stocks, you might have outperformed gold over the longer term if you were trading the S&P 500 basket or an ETF religiously based upon it. The same is true for gold. Remember though that you are not trying to convince your financial adviser to entirely abandon the traditional two main asset classes of stocks and bonds from you overall portfolio. Instead you only want him or her to agree to let you put somewhere between five and 25 percent of your portfolio funds into physical precious metals.


Can You Name Another Asset That is Not Tied to the U.S. Dollar and Economy?

This is an argument which will leave your poor financial adviser speechless. The answer is almost resoundingly no, with the exception of international stocks and foreign corporate or sovereign bonds denominated in another currency like euros, pounds, or yen. Given the choices of gold or foreign denominated and based assets, most financial advisers will not love the idea of these foreign denominated and based assets as a hedge. Once you show them the inevitable alternatives to a physical gold hedge, they are a lot more likely to cooperate and finally see your point of view.

Then move in for the proverbial kill by asking your financial adviser, “What is going to protect my portfolio during the next financial crisis if I have no precious metals within it?” When they are silent, give them a moment’s pause for maximum effect before delivering the coup de gras with this appropriate final analogy. “If you were a football coach, would you play a team without any defensive line?” Then reassure them that you will not either.

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Thanks again for your time

  1. Hi there,
    What an interesting article I accidentally come across about Why and How To Win Over Your Financial Advisor on Gold.
    I am with you that in my experience also financial advisors never recommend Gold as an long-term investment strategy. Bonds, Shares and Real Estate are their go to strategies. 
    While your grafts show the reasons that I would like to add in my case that ‘advisors’ could not make a buck through recommending Gold.
    Thanks again for the article. Best wishes.

  2. Hey there,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this article as you’ve provided us with lots of useful information on “Gold”. In my opinion, I tend to think that Gold is very important because it’s just like owning another type of asset. It is equivalent to owning a car or a house. It’s a valuable asset! I’ll definitely share this article with my friends.

    Thanks a lot for taking your precious time in writing this detailed blog. Keep up the good work!

  3. It’s interesting that there is so much push back on making gold a part of your financial portfolio. Diversifying is key to many things whether it be income sources or investing. People seem to trust that systems won’t ever collapse. What happens if money becomes useless, less valuable or even inaccessible? 

    As an investor, having some solid points to discuss with your advisor to show you have done some reasearch is important in getting them on board with your plan instead of resisting or discouraging you.

  4. It’s really strange to me to hear that financial advisers don’t really recommend Gold as an long-term investment strategy, as gold seems to have held a certain value for a number of centuries now! 

    To me, gold is very much like owning bricks and mortar…it will always have a value, and more often than not that value will eventually go up (and never really decrease that much!). 

    Very interesting article, I will have to look at a few other articles on this site as this investment angle interests me. 

  5. Hey man,

    Great explanation on Why and How To win Over Your Financial Advisor on Gold in Your Portfolio. I’ve never had gold before but I’ve heard that it’s a great assed, especially in the olden days. Gold is really a great asset with a lot of value. When it comes to rarity, you can say gold is more value than silver because it less common. 

    I like the chart explaining the inflation price of gold over from 1791 to 2011. 

  6. Thank you very much for this cherishable piece of information. I find it interesting and a better way of convincing those who seem to be more learned about investment to make a turn aand go your direction. There is no limit to how much a certain amount can produce profit of couple of years. I find this post very useful.
    Thank you once again for this post.

  7. Gold is an ancient rock, thousands of years have come and gone and gold has remained and even increased in its financial value and the awe that people have for it is not diminishing and I don’t see it diminishing anytime soon. 

    Knowing this, I think I can hold my own in the face of my financial advisor’s negativity towards my having gold in my portfolio. I have my arguments perfectly laid out and thanks to your article, I have added to the strength of my defence. 

  8. Hey! Thanks for sharing this insightful article here, I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. This is great. I don’t really know much about investing in gold but this article is a eye opener. I have bookmarked to look further on this. Again, thanks for building this website and investing your time. It’s a great site.

  9. Thanks for  this information. I was thought is not just possible to win over financial Advisor in gold business. Though I just started the business of precious metals not long ago. But then, I want to know if there is no disadvantages to winning over my financial Advisor on gold in  my portfolio.

    • If you have a financial advisor you have pretty much handed over much of your investment decisions to him or her. Since he or she is responsible for maintaining your investments, it is good for both of you to be on the same page.

  10. Great! Very helpful information in here. I can tell Financial Advisor tends to know more than giving room for great opinions from investors. I can categorically say that in all asset to get gold is the most valuable even in foreign stocks, uncertainties is inevitable in foreign exchange and I can tell having gold amidst those assets still saves most time. With this little knowledge from here, I will be more inquisitive now with my financial advisor. Thanks for the information.

  11. After reading your article I found out that, Why and How To Win Over Your Financial Advisor on Gold in Your Portfolio ? In reality Gold is a valuable asset. It’s amazing and Very interesting.Your post gave me a best idea about it. Thank you so much for sharing it information.

  12. Your article on why and how to win over your financial advisor on gold in your portfolio was a very extensive and informative read. I am still learning the very basics of how to set up a portfolio, but I can certainly appreciate everything that you’ve outlined for us in this detailed post. Thank you very much for sharing, it will definitely help me to understand when the time is right for me.

  13. Wow, you make some good arguments for investing in gold. I never thought about it as a way to keep my investment portfolio stable during unsteady financial times. I have to admit that I thought gold was old and out of date too but it just goes to show that sometimes the older things are still the better things to go with…Or at least they shouldn’t be overlooked for newer ‘shiny objects’ you could say. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more tips.

  14. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    Thank you for your article. It is a very interesting read, especially since it is about trying to persuade a financial adviser, about adding gold into your assets for growth.

    I have always read the many blogs of information that I have seen on the internet over the years, about gold as part of a financial portfolio, but never knew why so many business advisers were against it, and now, I know why. Your article has given me that answer.

    Gold will still be one of the most valuable precious metals, that will out stand the passing of time. However, it is slowly becoming a rarity and despite this, it is still not a favorite investment asset, which is unusual.

    The fact that you stated it out performed bonds and stocks 40/60 between 2008 to 2012, is itself proof that gold is still a valuable commodity.

    Your article has given me great tips to try and convince my financial adviser with the hope of adding gold in my investments. Lets hope that the performance rate will be better in this current market.

    I appreciate your time to give me helpful information. 


  15. Thank you for sharing this information.  It is very interesting. You gave me alot to think about with my investsments and the future. I guess I have nit stopped to consider what would happen if money list its value. There was another article I had recently read that also stated the next thing of value would be gold, but I was not aware there is a difference in the type of gold such as gold bars differ in value? I also enjoyed the education on IRA’s. I will take this info with me into my daily living. Well thought out. Good job! Thanks for sharing

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